Drug Possession Vs Drug Trafficking

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Drug and substance abuse is one of the great problems that are affecting many countries today. Different countries have different policies on the different drugs that are legal and illegal within the borders of the country in question. In addition to the legal and illegal drugs, different countries have different legislation concerning the illegal drugs within the borders of the country.

Drug possession vs drug trafficking

These are two different terms that are often confused for each other by many people. However, what many people do not know is that these two terms are quite different in terms of the following:

  •         Intent.
  •         Sentence record.
  •         Criminal record.
  •         The guide below will give details into drug possession vs drug trafficking in these terms.

Intent of drug possession vs Drug Trafficking

In this context, there is a very big difference between drug possession and drug trafficking. With drug trafficking, it is clear that there is intent to sell or distribute the drugs and substances to other people in the same or diverse localities. It is then differentiated with drug trafficking because drug trafficking is the actual distribution of the drugs.

It is considered more dangerous because it may mean that you are part of a criminal organization that is distributing the drugs to other nations. In order to be charged with drug trafficking, you have to be caught with a large content of drugs and other substances. Drug possession is a lighter case because it just means that the drugs that have been made illegal were found in your possession. Drug possession can also be when you are caught using drugs during the time of your arrest.

Prison sentences of drug possession vs drug trafficking

With drug possession, the time you can spend in jail can be a few years, is not one. This is because it is not considered to be a very serious offense. However, drug trafficking is considered to be a very serious crime or offense. The sentence you can get when you are arraigned in a court of law could be at least a couple of years. In order to get the shortest jail term in court, you may have to hire the services of a very good lawyer. The lawyer you get should also be very experienced in dealing with drug crimes in court to further ensure you get the best outcome. The lawyer should be a federal drug charges lawyer Dallas who is an expert in this field.

Criminal record of drug possession vs drug trafficking

Drug trafficking is a very serious offense and it permanently goes into your record once you are convicted in a court of law. This may seem to be a light and non-issue to many people. However, it is important to know that a criminal record may jeopardize the chances of you getting a job. This is because many employers today use the criminal record to screen their potential employees and even filter out the ones they want to hire. When you have a record for drug trafficking, you may have a difficult time getting loans, employment, and even housing.

Drug possession and drug trafficking may seem to be one and the same thing. However, the two are quite different in several areas, a few of which are listed above. In addition, when you want to get more on drug possession vs drug trafficking, you can find more articles here.